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    October 26, 2023 4 min read

    Having a dishwasher can make household chores a lot more convenient. It is a big reason that about 89 million households in the United States have one.

    With it being such a big convenience, most people will use this regularly. However, this can eventually lead to problems such as rust in a dishwasher.

    What can you do to avoid a rusty dishwasher? How can you get rid of it if you already have it?

    This guide answers those questions and more.


    Before we talk about the solutions to this problem, it is important to understand what can cause it. This will help you come up with the best solution for each scenario presented to you.


    The first thing you need to keep in mind is how old your dishwasher is. Things are not made to last as long as they were in the old days. Dishwashers are no exception to this.

    Nowadays, you are lucky to have a dishwasher last more than a decade. This means that if you have a dishwasher older than 10 years, you may have to consider that it has reached the end of its lifespan.

    If you are not sure how old your dishwasher is, look around your home if you see any documents relating to this. If you are having a hard time with this, try to reach out to the previous homeowner. They may have more insight as to when that dishwasher was installed.


    Another reason why you may see some rust on your dishwasher is because of the way it was installed. Let's face it, not everyone does quality work when it comes to these installations.

    Some people may want to take the easy way out, and others may just be inadequate at their job. Unfortunately, you may not realize this until it is too late. Then, signs such as rust will show if it was installed poorly.

    Water Pipes

    Something else you may need to check is the condition of your water pipes. If there is something wrong with your water pipes, it may result in rust in your dishwasher.

    The main reason this happens is because water pipes can sometimes clog. As a result, there is nowhere for the excess bacteria to go. There is also less water available to keep your dishwasher clean.

    That means more things are likely to get left behind. As a result, it will likely show up as rust.

    Have these checked out and keep an eye on this to avoid any problems in the future.


    You should think about how often you use a dishwasher.

    Do you use it daily? Multiple times per week? Or, once in a while?

    The reason this is important is that it can determine how much wear and tear is put on a dishwasher. If you have high demands for your dishwasher, it is more likely that certain parts are going to age faster. In that situation, rust will start to show.

    This can come down to how many people you have living in your household and how often you put a load of dishes in there. If you think you do this too frequently, that may be something to note in the future.

    Improper Cleaning

    One thing that is recommended with dishwashers is to try not to put completely dirty dishes in there. That means taking the time to at least water your dishes down before throwing them in a dishwasher.

    What happens when you do not do this? You increase the chances of dirt and messy food being left behind. If that is left behind for long enough, that can turn into rust.


    Now that you know the most likely causes of rust in a dishwasher, it is time to talk about what solutions are available for you. The following products may help decrease the chances of rust appearing in your dishwasher:

    Rack Coating Caps

    One of the easiest and more affordable solutions out there is to buy yourself some rack coating caps. You may be experiencing rust on your current dishwasher rack and want to avoid spending money to replace it entirely.

    Well, caps can help you do this for a couple of reasons.

    The first is that it can offer more protection for your dishwasher. Think of this as a shield that can help prevent further rust and damage to your dishes in the future.

    The second is that it can improve the appearance of your dishwasher. With new caps, there is a good chance that your dishwasher may look as good as new once you install them on your dishwasher rack.

    Rack Coating Glue

    Another solution available for you is to use rack coating glue. What this does is address the rust currently on your dishwasher.

    You can use this to put it over the current rust and make the dishwasher look brand new. Then, it can act as a deterrent for rust to return to your dishwasher rack in the future.

    It takes minimum effort to apply this glue and you are guaranteed to see positive results. The best part is that this is also a very affordable option compared to replacing your dishwasher rack entirely.

    Fewer Dishes

    Finally, you may want to think about putting fewer dishes in your dishwasher. Using every inch of space increases the chances of dishes getting scratched. It also makes it more likely that you will overuse your dishwasher.

    While you do not have to stop using it entirely, it is best to be mindful about how much stress you are putting on your dishwasher.

    Get Rid of Rust in a Dishwasher

    These are some of the most common causes and solutions for rust in a dishwasher. It is best to be mindful that this problem exists. Luckily, there are affordable ways to address this and extend the dishwasher's life.

    Uber Goop is here to help. We provide affordable options to people who are looking for dishwasher repair. Once you use our products, your dishwasher should look brand new.

    Do you have any questions? Reach out to us here.