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    About Us

    RusSan Enterprises was started 47 years ago by Russ Sandstead as a way to supplement his retirement income after spending 25 years as the leading expert on dishwasher rack coatings (liquid and powder).  It was expertise gained by taking raw wire and turning it into the finished product...a brand new dishwasher rack...for the majority of  dishwasher makers at the time. He knew the exact cost of producing a rack...50-cents in the late 1970s. In today’s dollars that’s around 2.75 to 3 dollars.   He also knew people had to pay 30 - 60 dollars to replace a rack.  (Today it's 80 - 200 dollars per rack depending on the coating and manufacturer).   Here’s the point.   Dishwasher makers want you to buy NEW racks at hugely inflated prices…but you don’t have to.  You have another way.   Russ didn't really have a way to market direct to the consumer so he sold only to large manufacturers of dishwashers who then retailed to you through a variety of outlets. The internet has changed all that. Today, the sky is the limit.