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    Question: How long do you have to let the Uber Goop  dry?

    Answer: At least one hour.

    Question: Is more than one coat needed?

    Answer: We recommend 2 coats letting each coat dry one hour.  You could  then use your dishwasher after 2 hours.

    Question: Does it matter whether you "glue" the caps on the tines or not?

    Answer: It is very important that you "glue" on the caps using the Uber Goop.  The heat and water pressure inside your machine could blow some or all of them off if not glued.

    Question: What is the easiest way to glue the caps on the tines?

    Answer: Hold the cap so the hole is up.  Squeeze the air out of the cap.  Using the brush from the liquid vinyl, place a drop on the cap hole and let the air back into the cap.  The liquid vinyl will be sucked in.   Put 2 drops into the cap and then slide the cap onto the tine as far as it will go.  

    Question: Will the caps fit on my dishwasher?

    Answer: The caps stretch a bit and will fit any and all rack models.

    Question: What if I have my order expedited and then send it back?  What will my refund be?

    Answer: If you place an order that is expedited and then return it...only the amount paid for the product itself will be refunded. The cost of expediting, $12.99, will not be refunded.

    Question: When the Uber Goop thickens in the there anything I can use to thin it a bit to make it useable?

    Answer: Yes, you can add droplets of ACETONE, which you get from a bottle of clear fingernail polish remover.   Just a small amounts until the Uber Goop gets back to it's original consistency.   Add a little, shake the bottle vigorously for a minute and then check.   Repeat if it still needs thinning.