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    Uber Goop™ Light Grey Dishwasher Rack Repair Coating Kit w/40 caps - 1/2 oz

    Dishwasher racks are metal wire with vinyl coating.   When they rust...they're expensive to replace.   So, you're here because your dishwasher racks are rusty and may be leaving some dishes stained and scratched.  There may even be a tine or two rusted off  leaving a sharp rusty stub.  Get Uber Goop™ "industrial grade" liquid vinyl dishwasher rack repair  today and fix the problem.  It's fast and easy...and with FREE shipping.

    Uber Goop™ is a liquid vinyl that re-coats the dishwasher rack to repair those rusted areas.  Uber Goop™ is also a deterrent to protect dishes from scratches during the wash cycle.  Buy industry tough Uber Goop™ today to safely and easily repair your racks and get some peace of mind  at a fraction of the cost of buying replacement racks.   Get what works.  Get Uber Goop instead.   

    “I started noticing rusty spots on the inside of my dishwasher door. Upon further inspection, the interior basket was rusting in multiple spots. Ugh! I didn't think there would be an option to fix it. I found this product by chance. I didn't know if it would work. It did!!!! I had multiple spots rusting away and plenty of fluid to go around with product remaining. We let it sit for a few days to dry and ran the dishwasher empty and PERFECT! I waited to write this review to make sure it would stand the test of time. It's been over an month and no signs of the product deteriorating and no more rust!!!!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Susan P.
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    ✅ EXTEND THE DISHWASHER LIFE: With proper prep, Uber Goop™ helps extend the life of most dishwasher racks. This results in saving the cost of buying new ones at $60-$250 each.

    REPAIRS AND PROTECTS: Uber Goop™ repairs areas that have been worn down or rusted as well as protects the undamaged vinyl coating. This allows for much longer use of the dishwasher.

    ✅ DRIES FAST: Once applied, Uber Goop™ dries completely within 2 hours. The fast drying time allows for the dishwasher to be used quickly, leaving hardly any downtime between washes.

    ✅ EASY TO APPLY: Uber Goop™ one-step applicator is perfect for getting into tight spots and making sure all affected areas are coated properly. Covering all damaged areas makes the entire rack look brand new again! 

    ✅ 3 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Uber Goop™ offers 3 different colors.  These colors will help you match the dishwasher exactly so it maintains aesthetic and looks beautiful.


    We understand it can be frustrating when you find your dishwasher racks are starting to peel or chipAn exposed metal tine will not cushion dishes like a coated tine should. Besides the possibility of ruining your dishes, an exposed metal tine can injure you or a family member.  35% of people who own a dishwasher have been injured from a rusted tine that broke off and became sharp.  

    With Uber Goop™ you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product at a mere fraction of the cost. Enjoy opening your dishwasher and not having to worry about your dishes being scratched or stained. You will have peace of mind knowing you are able to save money and get the same result as purchasing new! 


    Uber Goop™ for welded joints

    1. Scrape/sand as much rust and loose rack coating off affected areas as possible. Use a medium grade sandpaper to rough up the surface of the existing rack coating next to the bare metal and wipe it with rubbing alcohol, allowing the Uber Goop™ to adhere better.

    NOTE: It is recommended you overlap the Uber Goop™ onto the existing coating about 1⁄4 inch for a better seal.

    2. Spread on goop, ENCIRCLING the wire. Let dry 1 hour. Put 2nd coat on and let dry 1 more hour.

    NOTE: Uber Goop™ dries QUICKLY. Replace cap IMMEDIATELY after use. Also, to help the goop last, slide thumb over bottle opening each time you pull the brush out. If you get an accumulation of drying goop along the stem of the brush you can wipe it off with a paper towel then replace brush and close tightly.

     Uber Goop™ for Tine Repair

    3. Make sure as much rust as possible has been removed from tines. Again, rough up the old coating and clean with rubbing alcohol as in step 1 above.

    NOTE: If the tip of the tine is TOO might want to simply cut part of it off with wire cutters to blunt the end...then glue on the cap

    4. Turn the rack UPSIDE DOWN and DIP the tines into the bottle covering about a quarter inch...then immediately put on the cap. You can coat 2 or 3 tines and then slide on the caps. Let tines dry a minimum of 2 hours.





    (1) X ½ Oz bottle of Uber Goop™ Glue (Light Grey)
    (40) X Light Grey tine caps



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